Jey Uso reveals: JoJo Offerman texted him following the ‘Fireflies’ entrance at WWE Backlash.

Jey Uso faced Damian Priest at the 2024 Backlash pay-per-view event. He is widely celebrated among fans on the active WWE roster. Once the Right Handman of Roman Reigns, Jey split from The Bloodline and turned face in mid-2023.

Since departing from The Bloodline, Jey has carved out his own path as a singles wrestler and garnered significant attention from the WWE Universe. He has created his own identity and resonated with fans, with his signature “Main Event Jey Uso’s Yeet” becoming iconic, along with his entrances.

At Backlash France, the WWE Universe added a unique touch to Jey’s entrance by combining the Yeet bow down with the fireflies, making it the most memorable entrance. Jey has addressed this firefly entrance and also shared an emotional message he received from Bray Wyatt’s wife, Jojo Offerman.

During an interview on The Battleground Podcast with Tim Battle and Eli, Jey Uso spoke about the atmosphere at WWE Backlash in France, where the WWE Universe incorporated the Fireflies into his entrance. Jey expressed his gratitude for the gesture, mentioning that it was unexpected but he is delighted to have the fireflies accompany him. He recounted receiving an emotional message from JoJo Offerman after she saw the fireflies on YouTube. Jey revealed that although he never requested it, he hopes to maintain the firefly entrance and keep it as part of his persona.

Jey affectionately dubbed himself as “The Yeeter of Worlds” in reference to the firefly entrance. Currently, he is actively competing in the King of the Ring Tournament and is scheduled to face Gunther in the Semifinals on Monday Night Raw.

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